This is the list of maps that are currently available for download.

Loops around Les Eyzies:
Map 1: Audrix, St Chamassy
Map 2: Le Bugue, St Avit de Vialard
Map 3: Journiac, Savignac de Miremont
Map 4: Manauri, Les Eyzies, Route de la Prehistoire.
Map 5: Sireuil
Map 6: Fleurac, Tursac, Le Moustier
Map 7: St Felix de Reillac et Mortemart
Map 8: Rouffignac - St Cernin de Reilhac



This is a picture of one of the panels along "La Voie Verte" (The green path) in Perigueux. It is a urban path that follows the river into the capital of the department. Great view of the Cathedral from across the river.


Mountainbike loop paths around Dordogne.

Many comunes in the Dordogne have marked mountainbike, trekking and horseriding circuits around their villages. These loop circuits are connected by junction paths and pass along the most beautiful and natural places in the region. Check here some pictures of the signposts that are used in the region for marking these paths.

The Office of Tourism from the Dordogne has published several maps that are available in most Maries and Turist Information Offices. We have reproduced a few of these maps into a beter scale wich is more useful for printing and navigating on site. We will be adding more maps and information regarding cycling in the region so remember to pay us a visit once in a while!

Map Voie Verte Perigueux